“We design what cannot be found”

Cherilee has over 25 years of design experience and the absolute best part of any design is connecting with her clients, hearing their hearts regarding their home and making those unique changes to create how they want their home to feel. She knows it’s not really about a magazine image, it’s about the emotion that you have when you come home or open your eyes first thing in the morning and get to experience your home fresh that day. That it tells the story, your story. It’s about your friends and family walking in and feeling and seeing – you.

Trends come and go, but good design lasts. Whatever style you are drawn to, it’s important not to design a room based on trends or a rule book of do’s and don’ts. Let’s collaborate and create a space that is uniquely filled with the emotion that speaks truthfully and inspiringly of you and your family. The Elegant Pear has hundreds of lines to draw from, but the most focused is quality and uniqueness. Our Upholstery and Casegood lines are made to last and made to our detailed specifications so that it is not something seen at your neighbors or off of an internet shopping site. These are master crafted pieces.

Let us know how we can best serve you. Fill out the contact sheet or walk through the vignettes in our studio. There you can sit on our beautiful pieces and know why they were curated to be part of our offerings. You can schedule an in-home design appointment for as little as $85 or you can send us your blueprints of your new build. We will scale out pieces that will flow in the room well and pull fabrics and finishes for you to see and touch. Light fixtures, art, area rugs, lamps and luxurious furniture, we have everything needed to design your space specifically and uniquely for you.